Chakra Mandala Artist

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circle. The mandala represents the universe in totality as well as a return to wholeness on a personal level. Serving as tools for meditation and healing, the mandalas are timeless and cross cultural. The mandalas offered here are reproductions of hand painted originals, not computer generated, and feature asymmetry engaging the brain in a different way, promoting the illusion of symmetry.

Each mandala has a story and provides opportunity for healing and growth. Some describe these pieces as sacred geometry. Their uses are many and include placing the mandala that supports your intention in your home (“Choose Peace”, “Balance”, “Bee for Bliss”), office (“Power”, “Focus Mandala”, “Effort Less Mandala”). Use as a placement after laminating, (“Letting Go Mandala”, “Cultivating Contentment”). Financial woes? Place the “Unconditional Abundance Mandala” in the prosperity corner of your home! Struggling with relationship issues? Meditate on “Forgiveness Mandala”, “Trust Mandala”, “Open Heart” or “Passion”. Are you simply wanting a taste of Arizona? Choose the “Desert Botanical Garden Mandala”.

These mandalas are offered as resources to help facilitate alignment and joyful expansion!