Accepting Grace


We placed “Accepting Grace” over our bed and now find that our dream states are enhanced by sleeping under it. The energy shift in the room is palpable! Not only that but the service on Sunday following our acquisition of the mandala was on accepting grace!

You are a wonder, Vikki!

S. and D.



When I first saw the “Joy” mandala, I was attracted to it on an artistic level: the colors, design and overall feel of the piece really appealed to me. But “Joy” now means more to me than just a pretty picture hanging on my wall. Joy became part of my meditation routine, and it was somewhat by accident.

I was gazing at it one day, getting ready to start a meditation, but after getting lost in the piece for over 20 minutes, I realized was meditating… with my eyes open! Being someone who often resists meditation due to my busy daily demands, I have found the Joy Mandala to be a remarkable tool in helping me to focus. It has literally helped me to see the world around me in a whole new way. Since meditating with the Joy Mandala, I am able to clearly see energy patterns and colors around people and objects that I was previously unable to perceive.

The spiritual depth contained in this Mandala is profound and I am so grateful for the new view of the world that Joy has brought to me.



I now own two of your mandalas, “Surrender” (which lives in my bedroom) and “Trust”, which I have placed in the hallway of my home so that I see it coming and going. I find it constantly reassuring in these times of rapid and unsettling change. Even glancing at it reminds me that things are in Divine Order and that I can trust that the Universe is conspiring on my behalf!

When I take time to meditate with “Trust”, I find that I can return to the deep knowing that “All is well” in spite of outward appearances. I am grateful for the gift of these mandalas in my home!

Thank you!



Dear Vikki,

One of my clients is very mentally ill. He is in tremendous emotional and spiritual pain.

He was given one of your Heart Chakra Mandalas (titled “Healing”). His mother told me that he saw it and said, “This is energy. It is healing,” and he took it to his room, where it stays.

If you knew this young man, you would be deeply touched by those few words he spoke.

Thank you for making these amazing, healing mandalas, and for sharing them with the world. They are blessing MANY.

M. L.


Dear Vikki,

A dear friend bought me the Forgiveness Mandala as a birthday gift last year. While it waited for me to get the perfect frame, I placed it by my front door where it could be seen and enjoyed. Little did I know that the magic of the Forgiveness Mandala had already begun…

I didn’t realize it until, one day, standing within 2 feet of the mandala, a friend held me as I cried, forgiving myself for something I’d done to myself 20 years prior, and did not realize that I was still carrying around.

Soon after, I had a heart to heart talk with my ex-husband. Forgiveness was alive, well, and leading the conversation, facilitating much healing for both of us, which ultimately benefits our son.

This amazing piece of art continues to bless my life.

Thank you,