Accepting Grace


“Accepting Grace” Mandala



Accepting Grace

by Vikki Reed

“Grace” had been whispering to me for months, but other mandalas pushed their way to priority. The time for “Grace” had come and I start the “Grace Mandala” on April 16, 2010.

I began to have a sense of grace as an infinite power, but never forceful. Grace makes the rough edges smooth. The mandala has great momentum and I am encouraged to be fearless and imprecise. I realize the only way this piece will come together is through grace! I must surrender to its greater wisdom.

April 19th, I receive some troubling news and hear soon after (at Bikram Yoga), “Don’t resist the posture (situation), go all the way into it. It is from deep within the posture (situation) that your strength is revealed.” (Thanks, Alison!)

Five petals swell outward from the center of the mandala into ten joyful figures with arms upraised. Mandala continues with ten medallion-like designs. Within these designs I see what reminds me of bugs, and realize grace can even transform what “bugs” me into something beautiful, if I let it!

Twenty angels encircle the painting and background color develops a golden honey color, transitioning into a deep delicious brown.

April 25, 2010, Daily Word reading, “Grace teaches me that I am loved right where I am, regardless of what I have done or not done.”

I “finish” the “Grace Mandala” on May 6, 2010, but I am not at peace. Does the mandala need to change, or do I?

The lesson lands, it is more that I need to accept grace! Minor changes are made and “Accepting Grace” completes on May 10, 2010!

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