Forgiveness Mandala




Forgiveness Mandala

by Vikki Reed

After completing (so I thought) The Chakra Mandala Series in January 2005, I felt a sense of great accomplishment along with a little regret that such a monumental project had come to completion. . .  or had it?

The nudging began to bring forth a “Forgiveness Mandala”.  In late February, I began what I thought would become the forgiveness mandala, the center is a red rose.  As this piece progressed, it evolved into a mandala composed of all different flowers.  “Mandala for Spring” was completed March 12, 2005.

In April, encouragement was strong to begin again.  I was guided to start with the Celtic symbol for wisdom.  The mother and child symbol is close to the center, forgiveness is key in this relationship.  Spirals are present representing the constant journey back to self.

Pivotal events began happening in my life, the guidance stalled for a little while and I didn’t know how to progress.  A book came into my hands describing the theory of the seven chakras and the functional and dysfunctional archetypes attributed to each chakra.  Interesting that the mother is referenced as the functional archetype of the root chakra, (and the victim as the dysfunctional) “M”s over “V”s illustrate this theory.

The largest symbol in the piece is the heart breaking open with new growth springing forth.  These hearts are followed by smaller hearts and the eye, holding one’s own destiny; path, sun, moon and stars.

Also on the outer edge of the mandala, the mother and child symbol again, this time representing effective mothering of the self.

The background is a very pleasing black cherry.  This was a very important piece for me to complete, final touches were added May 28, 2005.  Let this mandala support you in forgiving yourself and others for any and all perceived wrongs.  The feeling of freedom and relief will astound you!


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