“Healing” – Heart Chakra Mandala




“Healing” – Heart Chakra Mandala

by Vikki Reed

When guided to begin the “Chakra Mandala Series” in September of 2004, “Healing” was the first piece to emerge. It is no coincidence that the background for this mandala turned out to be (deep) green, for the heart chakra.

I did not have a sense yet of the enormous impact this series would have in my life. I knew only that I was to create seven mandalas in the colors of the chakras.

If you are going through a healing challenge, use this mandala as a positive focus, a reminder that your natural state is wellness and that with love and support, your body and spirit will heal.

There are many stories of the effectiveness of this mandala, it is, as mentioned the very first piece that was channeled in the series.  The innate has clear knowledge of what is necessary, whether or not we are aware consciously.  “Healing” came through before I “knew what I was doing”.  Because I personally needed heart opening and healing, this piece came before all the others.  The heart holds the keys to healing…if there has been significant wounding, there is a tendency for the heart to shut down and wall off.  This understandable attempt to avoid pain is tragically counterproductive as when the heart is closed off to the pain, it cannot receive love either.  The intuitive messages of the heart become less audible until they can barely be heard at all.  Please honor and heal your heart, it is the best gift you can give yourself, your loved ones and consequently, the world.

If trust is a big issue for you, consider adding the “Trust Mandala”, which also supports the heart chakra.

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