Trust Mandala




Trust Mandala

by Vikki Reed

Tfter much “nudging”, I began the “Trust Mandala” on July 11, 2005.

The center is a star sapphire, symbol of a powerful good luck charm. The three shafts of light symbolize faith, hope and destiny.

Surrounding the sapphire is a ring of pink chalices, representing the sacred gift of openness. Next, an eight-pointed star, associated with fullness and regeneration, then a modified lotus blossom. The lotus has many associations; spiritual unfolding, enlightenment, and, inseparable cause and effect.

The hands with spirals (opening to hearts) were included to speak of the vulnerability that is required to love fully. At the same time, large shapes appeared in the mandala which to me look like horns, and I couldn’t help but wonder, am I STILL guarding and protecting my heart?

Next shown are Phoenix birds with flames, trust MUST be resurrected over and over again. The spirals moving in and out resemble question marks; when and who to trust?

On July 26, 2005 I had a graphic and painful illustration of what a lack of trust can cause. While running on the canal near my home, I saw a dog in the canal – swimming, exhausted and terrified, going under, but refusing help, too afraid to trust. I learned later the dog made it out of the canal okay.

It was time to choose the background color and it seemed very difficult to trust my own guidance. The painting evolved and the background came, a beautiful green, a healing color and significant for the heart chakra.

The “Trust Mandala” was completed July 31, 2005.

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