• We placed “Accepting Grace” over our bed and now find that our dream states are enhanced by sleeping under it. The energy shift in the room is palpable!

    S. & D.

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  • Even glancing at [“Trust”] reminds me that things are in Divine Order and that I can trust that the Universe is conspiring on my behalf!


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  • The spiritual depth contained in this Mandala is profound and I am so grateful for the new view of the world that Joy has brought to me.


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  • One of my clients … is in tremendous emotional and spiritual pain. He was given [“Healing] … and said, “This is energy. It is healing.”


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  • Forgiveness was alive, well, and leading the conversation, facilitating much healing for both of us … This amazing piece of art [“Forgiveness Mandala”] continues to bless my life.


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for Your Meditative Focus

Choice of sizes: small travel sizes to dramatic wall hangings!

  • Each mandala is infused with positive, intentional energy accelerating your manifestation.
  • Available sizes: 3″ X 3″, 4″ X 4″, 5″ X 5″ , 8″ X 8″, 15″ X 15″, 30″ X 30″, 36″ X 36″  (special sizes & larger sizes available upon request).*
  • Available in canvas, metal, paper.*
  • Prices range from $9 to $720 USD.
  • Highest quality giclée prints and dye infused metals ensure saturated color that rivals the original paintings.

* Availability & pricing vary depending upon specific mandalas.


Vikki Reed, artist